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Encirca℠ Sync

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Бізнесс Утіліти
Розробник: Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

Save time and money during critical field activities by receiving and transferring your data to and from Encirca services wirelessly using the Encirca Sync app.  The app allows you to receive prescriptions wirelessly from Encirca services and also upload your data (planting, harvest, applications, etc.) to Encirca services.

* Import prescriptions wirelessly to your phone or tablet from Encirca services or your Encirca certified services agent.  Then transfer them from the phone to your monitor using the provided USB device.
* Export data from your monitor to your phone or tablet using the provided USB device.  Once exported, you can upload your data wirelessly to Encirca services for processing.

* You must use the USB device supplied by DuPont Pioneer to transfer data with this device.  Please talk to your DuPont Pioneer Sales Representative or Encirca certified services agent if you do not have one.  Also note, this USB device should only be used with Encirca Sync app and your monitor, it should not be used as a generic USB thumb drive.
* In addition to cellular data, you may use Wi-Fi to transfer your data and in some cases it is recommended to save on data plan usage.  If you are sending a large amount of data to Encirca services (for example a complete year or even multiple years of data), it may be better to transfer data using Wi-Fi.
* Make sure you have a copy of your data before exporting it off of your monitor.  Some monitors will not copy the data and instead move it to the USB device.